…But the clouds (…Esas Nubes)

About This Project

When we are on the brink of forgetting someone’s face, what is it that we do to remember it? What can we do to make it stay exactly as we want to see it?  A space defined by absence, the mechanism of memory and the emergence of the image we are trying to locate, …But the clouds investigates the slippery and independent nature of this image within the blurred boundary lines where one person ends and another begins.


We cross through bone and enter into the nocturnal thoughts of M where the importance of truth fades. He closes his eyes, repeats, crosses the dome of the skull and at last, disappears from himself into the sanctuary.


Whilst M tries to crystallize the visual memory of his beloved W, we experience his grief, his undwindling love and his deafening solitude. In the absence of W, he tries to fix the clouds to the sky, exactly as they were, as he believes he remembers them.


…But the clouds is inspired by the 1977 television play of the same name by Samuel Beckett. It is a full length piece for 4 dancers & guitar.


This piece was first shown at Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera in February 2020. It is currently a work in progress.




Creative team

Original idea, direction & choreography: Magdalena Mannion

Musical direction & guitar: Liam Howarth

Visuals & lighting design: Danilo Moroni

With thanks to Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera