When Viola Met Vargas

About This Project

This piece is an exploration of shared pulse & emotional dynamics and is inspired by movement qualities found in Bill Viola’s video art and Manuela Vargas’ iconic solo Peteneras. The piece was heavily influenced by the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the idea of the sentimental residue of a long forgotten party. Constructed as a slowly moving image that the audience is invited into, it questions the immediacy in the way in which flamenco is usually performed, creating a striking visual image that evokes a dreamlike state.


When Viola Met Vargas is a short dance work created as one third of Dotdotdot Dance’s triptych In Body. The piece premiered at the Sadler’s Wells Takeover of the National Theatre River Stage 2018.


Creative team

Choreography & Original idea: Magdalena Mannion

Dance & Movement: Magdalena Mannion, Noemí Luz & Yinka Esi Graves

Musical direction & Guitar: Liam Howarth

Original composition & Cello: Colin Alexander

Voice: Emilio Florido & José Tremendo Hijo

Choreographic support: Chloe Brulé

Photos: Emma Alcalá